Letter to Mr. Otten from 2 FMJD Sections.

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Letter to Mr. Otten from 2 FMJD Sections.

Post by rusms » Mon Nov 15, 2010 01:54

Hello to all FMJD forum members and readers !

Logically this topic must be posted under FMJD Section in forum. However, I decided to post it several places on forum in order to get more attention from forum readers. Below are scan copies of 3 letters to FMJD President Mr. Otten from Section 64 President Mr. Langin, Checkers Section Mr. Devlin and united letter from both Sections, signed by two Presidents and two Secretaries.

This is very important and urgent, because time is running out and now we get close to FMJD Assembly meeting in Mali where decision will be made.

All three letters are related to the next year AccordGames in China on Serpember 2-11. 30 places and approximately 200,000 EURO were given by organisers to FMJD. 10-12 places and 100,000 EURO were taken out and rest was given to International Checkers (10x10) mans (12 places) and Woman (6-8 places).

Both President of two legitimate FMJD Sections believe that this decision doesn't perfectly match the statue, constitution, golas and principals of FMJD and must be change and improve in order to promote all forms of games, level of presentation draughts in China and respect.

1) United letter from two FMJD Sections Presidents to FMJD President Mr. Otten from Nov. 12, 2010



2) Letter from Section 64 President to FMJD President Mr. Otten, Nov. 12, 2010


3) Letter from Checkers Section President to FMJD President, Mr. Otten, Nov. 9, 2010



Forum users and members are welcome to put their comments and opinions on this important matter.

As far as I am aware, Mr. Otten already recived and asknowledged all letters. Lets wait and hope that decision which will be done at FMJD General Assembly meeting in Mali November 15-16 will balanced, correct and include interests and meet expectations of all parties and done in best interest of our game ... all variants !


Alexander Moiseyev

3-moves Anglo-American Checkers reigning World Champion
CPI International Master (by composition)
Russian Checkers USSR Master
International Checkers (10x10) USSR Master & Pan-American Federation grandmaster

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November 13, 2010
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