Statement of national federations.

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Statement of national federations.

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To all federations
The negative occurrencies in draughts sport and behaviour of the persons responsible for the crisis in the FMJD forces us to make this statement.
During last 8 years we constantly collide with falsifications, financial
infringements and ignoring of basic points of Charter FMJD by the former
FMJD President W. van Beek.
The assemblies carried out under his management have turned into a farce, elections - in continuous falsification. Draughts questions are not being decided at all.
Cases when the countries with debts get voting rights, fictitious receipts
on payment received from van Beek are known.

While Charter FMJD demands realization of Assemblies once in 2 years, van Beek intends to carry out the sixth Assembly for last 3 years, from them 4 extraordinary.
During the Assembly 2001 in Moscow the significant majority of federations expressed vote of no confidence to Mr. van Beek. However, President of the KNDB Mr. van den Hoek organised in Netherlands in half-year extraordinary Assembly and contrary to the decision of the Moscow Assembly admitted re-election of van Beek for 2 more years.
The next Assembly in Zwartsluis (Netherlands) was unprecedented on
falsifications, forgeries and disorders. In 2-nd day of Assembly mister van
Beek was discharged of conducting Assembly on demand of the majority of the countries for falsification of elections and organization of Assembly with rough infringements of Charter FMJD.
At the first voting on the 2-nd day of Assembly superfluous bulletins were
given out by the representative of CD and the representatives of the
accounting commission found it out after calculation of bulletins.
To our affliction President of the KNDB Mr. van den Hoek voted for Wales
using superfluous bulletins.
Not only the fact that new attempt of falsification of elections was
undertaken revolt us. Wales had no vote, but also that Mr. van den Hoek
didn't inform members of the Assembly about his intentions.
Thus, the minority supporting mister van Beek, expecting defeat at voting, tried to not allow the fair elections appropriate to Charter FMJD.
However, elections were carried out thanks to the majority of the
countries. Mr. Shovkoplias has been chosen as President FMJD. It is
necessary to note, that he presented to the Assembly the written promise of Prime Minister of Ukraine about providing of support to the FMJD in case he will be elected.
Despite of above-stated, mister van Beek continues to present himself as
President FMJD, neglecting opinion of representatives of the majority of
the countries participating in Assembly, pushing towards split of the World
Summarizing above-stated, we declare: FMJD in the time of Presidency of Mr. van Beek constantly degraded. The quantity of countries actively
participating in work FMJD has decreased. The changes brought in Charter
FMJD, have made it legally illiterate document in which one item contradict anothers. And, that the most important, financial management out of control and conducted with rough infringements of the Charter. For improvements of work FMJD we offer the following measures:
1. To recognize elections holding according to the will of the majority
of delegates of Assembly;
2. Management of the FMJD has to stop a policy of neglecting and
discrimination of national federations.
3. To stop a policy of pumping of means out of national federations. To
introduce such system of payments which would allow be members FMJD to a maximum quantity of the countries.
4.. Urgently create the commission from three person for check of
financial activity FMJD. To ask international grand masters I.Kojfman
(Israel) and J.Stokkel (Netherlands) (professional financial experts) to
enter the commission. To demand return of illegally spent means to the
We estimate the losts of the FMJD and national federations count already several dozens of thousands Euro. We suppose that Mr. J.Bus should immediately stop any use of money of the FMJD.
5. To create the commission with participations of the lawyer for
development of legally competent democratic Charter according to the
Olympic Charter.
6. Even without waiting for the details of juridical and financial report
we simply want to declare our absolute no-confidence to W. van Beek, J. Bus and R. Devroe in any their ambitions to the position in
the CD, sending information to the federations and claim the preparation of the GA.


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Brazilian and Mongolian Draughts federations support the Statement .

Ukrainian DF

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The Ukrainian Draughts federation carefully studied the "Statement of national federations", signed by 5 countries (Australia, Belarus, Israel, Latvia, Russia) and approved by Brazil and Mongolia.
UDF completely supports the Statement regarding recognition of the facts of falsification and disorders which took place during realization of the GA on May, 17-18, 2003.
Moreover, we confirm, that the real quantity of direct infringements of the Charter and Reglementations of the FMJD from the side of former president van Beek, Treasurer Bus and General Secretary Devroe was much more, than specified in the Statement, and we are ready to prove it documentary.
UDF confirms, that the decision of 11 countries on no-confidence and re-election of the former President, the Treasurer and the General Secretary was a result of the investigation which have confirmed the facts of falsification and infringements of the Charter FMJD. We are sure, that it is absolutely unacceptable, that these people which publicly have compromised themselves would speak on behalf of the FMJD with claim for preparation and realization by them the Extraordinary GA, and also used means of the FMJD.
UDF suppose really necessary the prompt realization of Extraordinary Assembly FMJD for the decision of all unresolved questions of the agenda of past GA.
UDF is ready to take the realization of the Assembly on August, 9-10, 2003 in Kiev.
We ask all national federations to exchange the offers on realization of the Extraordinary GA via FMJD website.

Yours faithfully,

President UDF