Letter of 11 federations

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Letter of 11 federations

Post by A.Presman » Sun Jun 08, 2003 18:23

Here is the text of the letter signed by 11 (the majority) of the federations and announced at the begining of the meeting 18 May.


Undersigned delegates of the General Assembly FMJD and the representatives of the below mentioned federations would like to pay attention of all delegates to the several irregularities during the first day of the GA, May 17, 2003.

1. According to the FMJD Statutes lastly amended on August 18, 2001, Chapter 2 Membership Ad “…The General Assembly will decide for the membership. Excluded are alternative or dissident national federations; secondary organizations who represent a fraction of the nations without national coverage; federations outside their proper territory.�
By accepting the second federation without national coverage, which is in a fact the secondary one and represents a fraction of the nation the General Assembly and the President by himself didn’t follow its own Statutes.

2. The counting of votes of federations which either
- just affiliated;
- didn’t pay their debts as Senegal ( see Article XIV which clearly says that such a countries have no voting right) ;
- do not represent countries but just a region(s) as England and Wales;

switching of the points in agenda - can’t be treated else than manipulation

3. Federations paying minimal contribution of 45 Euro wouldn’t have voting right.
England though has been counted.

All above makes elections from May 17, 2003 invalid.
Therefore, we demand that new elections with strict following Statutes (including validating of the mandates of delegates and avoiding all above irregularities)


Ukraine: Yatsenko
Russia: Klimashov
Belarus: Pashkevich
Israel: Fridman
Australia: Verbouk
Poland: Lysakovski
Brazil: Lelio Sarcedo
Germany: Zioltkovski
Lithuania: Buzinski
Mongolia: Ch. Bat-Erdene
Latvia: Valneris

Jacques PERMAL
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Sensible proposal

Post by Jacques PERMAL » Sun Jun 08, 2003 19:01

I totally agree proposal of elections. It was my wish weeks ago. So I ask the two factions to agree my ideas :

- to define a deadline for countries which have to pay contibutions to FMJD. The deadline should be sensible for FMJD and....these countries. I think about belarus and Senegal for instance.

-to define the list of countries which can vote after deadline end.

-to ask an impartial federation to decide a poll calendar. I think that fair elections could be held in one year. So an fair electoral campaign could be organized by this federation. So each team will have to propose a written program with the list of persons who constituate it.

Best regards.
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voting rights

Post by mongolia@fmjd.org » Mon Jun 09, 2003 04:03

Dear All,

In the letter of Belorussian Draughts Federation Mrs. Irina Pashkevich marked an important remarks related to Welsh voting right.

I have been in the GAs of FMJD (4 times) as a representative of Mongolian Federation. If a new member of FMJD request its membership, our federation was very welcome, always. I think that a new member country is useful for our draughts sports. I think that every affiliation was by Statue and By-Law of FMJD.

1. For Wales the affiliation process is OK, I think. In other words we can consider the countries of UK are different members of FMJD same as chess and football federation.

2. Yes, the Welsh federation was invisible in the GA. So, Welsh federation did not have a right to vote in the Session, because according to Article 4.4. Voting Rights of By-Law FMJD:

Only those national member federations who have fulfilled their financial obligations and are correctly represented at the General Assembly may vote. Votes per delegation are possible in that one Federation present can be mandated by one absent federation to vote on behalf and in delegation of that absent federation. This mandate has to be in writing, by letter or by fax…
So, just after affiliation to FMJD the federation of Wales was not possible to mandate another federation's delegation on behalf of this invisible federation. The management of FMJD office did not show all written mandates of the federations to the delegates. Of course, for Wales it is not possible. If FMJD has mandated letter from Welsh federation, it is a letter of non-member Welsh federation. (of course the letter is before affiliation.) If we have a GA now, I think it is OK for Welsh federation. It has a voting right as a member of FMJD.

3. At the end, there were many mistakes during first day of Session, especially for elections. It was the reason of my signature in the letter of 11 federations. The CD did not respect opinions of majority federations. I think it is not a democracy.

Best regards,

Chimeddorj Bat-Erdene