Letter of the Belarussian Draughts Federation

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Belarussian DF
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Letter of the Belarussian Draughts Federation

Post by Belarussian DF » Sat Jun 07, 2003 11:54

Our federation has received the late letter from the FMJD office dated May, 29, 2003.
First of all we pay your attention to the main mistake in it - mister van Beek is former president of the FMJD.
All explanation of Mr. van Beek are as always designed for insufficiently informed people.
You don't need more than one look at the table of payment of contributions given to participants of the Assembly and to the appropriate points of FMJD Charter and to the financial conditions as it becomes more than clear, that a number of the countries supported Mister van Beek should not be allowed to vote. It is not necessary to be the lawyer to see it. And concerning insinuations of van Beek about passed Assembly we have to note the following

1. Mister van Beek couldn't close the General Assembly because in the beginning of the second day on demand of 11 countries (majority) he was discharged of conducting Assembly due to falsifications and infringements of the Charter he did in the first day of work.
2. It was loudly enough declared, that the work of Assembly proceeds. There were no need for personal invitations. Belarussian federation also didn't; receive personal invitation.
3. The fact that some countries have not remained means nothing. The work of Assembly is not stopping if some federation leave meeting. Some federations left in first day and GA simply vent on.
4. The second day of work of Assembly was burdened with hours of speaking of the representative of Senegal with obvious intention to not allow voting. When voting was held, representatives of the accounting commission have found out the superfluous mandate.
The President of the KNDB Mr. van den Hoek was the one who has thrown the bulletin for Wales to the ballot box.
Even if Wales would have voting right there is a question how could England in the first day and Holland in the second vote for this invisible federation. It is possible to see only in a circus.
Of course accounting commission suggested to repeat voting since the number of bulletins did not correspond to the number of federations.
After explaining it in order to protect secret of ballots Harm Wiersma has torn bulletins.

Manic appeals of Mr. van Beek to have the next extraordinary Assembly under his management shows his total misunderstanding or a conscious deceit.
No doubt, that the activity of Mr. van Beek from the point of view of the Charter and the financial legislation will be controlled by new management of the FMJD. It also makes sure, that Mr. van Beek is ready and to go on a way of disorder draughts sport for preservation of his authority, involving for this purpose virtual federations and applying any illegal means.

Irina Pashkevich
President of Belarussian Draughts Federation

Jacques PERMAL
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What is the response of Wouter Van Beek ?

Post by Jacques PERMAL » Sun Jun 08, 2003 15:30

Thanks to Belarussian federation for his point of view. Now I'd like to read W. Van Beek's response.
Information : my first priority !!

L'info en première ligne !!

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