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Post by helgidio@hotmail.com » Sun May 25, 2003 05:50

Board or Directors:
I am not acquainted of the last details of the FMJD but reading a few lines it is very clear that there is a financial problem.

I love this game and having a weak FMJD is not good for the future of this mental sport.

I suggest that a special SPONSORSHIP COMMISSION should be organized in order to find a strong company to support this sport (for example, MICROSOFT or any BANKING ORGANIZATION).

We see other sports where companies spend millions of dollars in sponsoring. Although this sport is not that massive, with a sound sponsorship the game may grow enough to be more viewed by the people in the world. Also international contest should take place not only in the same countries like Russia or Netherlands, but also in Latin America, or in the USA where the publicity make a normal tournament into an event.

The above is just an idea, and if you feel it is a good one, go ahead and pursue the best sponsor.

Elgidio Hernandez U.
President of the Panamanian Draught Association
in Spanish Asociacion Panameña del Juego de Damas

Jacques PERMAL
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Good Idéa !

Post by Jacques PERMAL » Sun May 25, 2003 15:27

I share this idea. But now, we have a surely elected governing body if we want to see sponsors. Is it the case ?
Information : my first priority !!

L'info en première ligne !!

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