LIVE GAMES - problem

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Krzysztof Grzelak
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LIVE GAMES - problem

Post by Krzysztof Grzelak » Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:55

I have such a problem when playing live games with DGT Draughts E-Board. Exactly in terms of time and refresh timing board during the game DGT Draughts E-Board. When refreshing the board DGT Draughts E-Board, each time the board moves, the clock jumps by 2 seconds during the game. I also noticed this when broadcasting the game live u Marcel Kosters. I am using the following software:

- board DGT Draughts E-Board
- Fling File Transfer
- EBS 2.0 tomaboco
- EBS 2.05
- high speed internet connection (optical fiber)

My request is as follows - what to do to remove a 2-second time jump when refreshing the board during the game. I will add to the game clock count down the time by 1 second back.


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