Draw+ training

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Draw+ training

Post by TAILLE » Thu Apr 26, 2018 19:13


With this new subject my purpose is to make Damy indirectly available for you in order to have a better understanding of what means exactly draw+.
Two kind of people may be interested:
1) The competitors themselves
2) Those who want to change the rule and would like to see by themselves what the current draw+ implies exactly?

Basically the introduction of draw+ implies potential difficulties in endgames where each side have at least one king and where one point is missing in order to conclude to a draw+. We can list the following cases:
1K+2M against 1K
2K+1M against 1K+1M
3K against 1K + 2M
2K + 2M against 2K

Let’s take the first (simpliest?) case.
I already showed you the following position
White to play: draw+

After 1.34-23! 6-17!
Do you see why white should continue by 2.23-37! ?
Do you see another white move allowing to reach the draw+ ?
In particular do you see why 2.38-32? is a mistake?
Feel free to propose any other positions.

If you are interested by such subject I will be able to propose some other positions aiming at undersatnading a draw+ endgame.

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