FMJD EC(Ethics Committee) Decision about K.Thijssen

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FMJD EC(Ethics Committee) Decision about K.Thijssen

Post by anatoli gantvarg » Wed Sep 10, 2014 08:07

Dolls and puppeteers (continuation)

How has Pawlicky managed to involve the European federation in to such dirty games?
Rimma Danelevichene deals with all issues of regulations in EDC. She always executed Pawlicky's will in the draughts questions. J.Magge, the President of EDC from Estonia, doesn't interfere with sports questions, also as well as other members of CD EDC. The Belarusian and Lithuanian federations tried to change the situation, having offered on the last European Assembly in CD EDC grandmasters I.Pashkevich and A.Domchev, however puppeteers didn't pass them, also as the ex-world champion Harm Wiersma. He was offered to go in CD EDC by J.Magge, however it was opposed by KNDB in the person of M. Kosters. About it later. That is for KNDB anybody is better, than H.Wiersma. That fact that all the strongest grand masters, including Dutch, signed the appeal to GA 2013 about H.Wiersm's inclusion in CD FMJD from players, disavows KNDB intrigues against H.Wiersma and the Dutch players.
What are the objectives haunted Pawlicky, discriminating players of powerful countries?
They are obvious:
- His manipulation skills provided the only opportunity for weak players of Poland and another countries to access in the World Championship . I do not know the names of some players,as well as the names of other players did not participate in competitions in the last 10-20 years. After getting such a big present they always vote on GA as J.Pawlicky and K* want regardless of rules or FMJD Statutes.
- This is one of the most important reasons for J.Pawlicky. He needs the tournaments at the expense of the participants, that his friends -organizers could get a profit. The main profit does not bring contributions, but the discount for accommodation in hotel. If participants give the rent money for accommodation not in a hotel, but to the organizers, so it's doing to get the profit for those, who are conducting the tournament... When they do it in international tournaments, there is no problem. But, when J.Pawlicky is manipulating the selection in the WC for this profit, it's outrageous. In addition, that are players such as K.Thjissen, R.Heusdens that have to give their places in the WC underdog players, there are strong players that work and don't have the ability to play in numerous qualifier tournaments of J.Pawlicky for the WC and the Sportaccord. There are also strong players who are strapped for cash and at the will of the J.Pawlicky have to spend large sums of money, as all the tournaments are held at the expense of the players.
As a result, for example instead of V. Virny, Germany is presented some B.Stumpf. Grandmaster R.Vipulis (2268 rating) from Latvia, winner 32 place in the European Championship, could play then in Korbach and Budapest, to get into the WC2013, and Grandmaster K.Thjissen (2343 rating), winner 6th place in European Championships or grandmaster R. Hëusdens (2343) - 9th place at the European Championships, members of the FMJD Board and KNDB Board are no longer allowed to qualify for the 2013 World Championships.
The geographic causes of similar manipulations to fall away, as G.Valneris from Latvia had already taken place, and therefore the participation of R.Vipulis and Z.Golubeva has not improved the geography. As a result, Latvia got 3 places from FMJD but the Netherlands got just 2 places. It is absurd.
How could the representatives of Holland in CD FMJD with a decisive majority support so discriminating propositions of Pawlicky against the Dutch players . significantly constrained number of places for the Netherlands? Only the person who understands nothing in draughts could come up with the idea to the Netherlands in the WC2013 only 2 places out of 40.
Whose interests advocated M.Kosters, who represented KNDB at the general assemblies the last 10 years ? Judging by the results, only their own.
How solve their issues in such situation the Russian players?
Some example of inclusion in the WC 2011 in the Netherlands five Russian players. That means that there are some restriction for the Dutch players, and for the Russian players the restrictions are eliminated, but also allowed players who don't qualify for the WC.
As you know, the World Championships 2009 in Brazil didn't take place, and all the players, except the World champion, lost the right to participate in the 2011 WC. That is, all the Europeans were to participate in the European Championships but J.Pawlicky wouldn't be himself if not invented a con trick for their friends from Russia. As always , F. Teer as Secretary of the FMJD was helped him. As a result of their fraudulent manipulations of Russia instead of the 3 received 5 places. From European and Russian Сhampionships qualify Georgiev and Amrilloev. How does Chizhov and Getmansky qualify in the WC2011, if in the the European Championship 2010 they won 16 and 13th place, and, for example, the Dutch players Dolfing and Heusdens won the 6th and 7th and don't qualify for WC2011. That is, for Dolfing and Heusdens the limit exists and they gave the places to WC2011 not only Russians, but also A.Domchev. As for the Getmansky and Chizhov limit does not exist.
And where was KNDB? They don't know the regulations and rules of the FMJD? They didn't know the results of the European Championship? Pawlicky provided for Chyzhov Podolskys place. KNDB didn't know that M.Podolsky had no place in the WC 2009 and WC 2011? They didn't know that for the W C 2011 no one had a place without qualification, due to the fact that H.Otten did not conduct, did not hold World Championship of 2009?.
This lie had an effect not only on WC of 2011 but on qualification tournaments to WC 2013 and to SportAccord tournaments of 2011 and 2012.
How come A. Shabakov was allowed to SportAccord 2011 where each country had a limit of 3 participants but Shabakov was forth one from Russia?
The Ethics Committee approved invalidity of Shabakov's inclusion in SportAccord 2011.
Why Thjissen himself requested to be included in the reserve list for WC 2013? Why KNDB did absolutely nothing, knowing he had the highest result in qualifications amongst all of the candidates? On May 25, 2013 after receipt of information from Pawlicky, where was pointed out that May 29th would be the day when back up players would become part of the competition by replacing those who were unable to comply with all financial terms and conditions of the regulations FMJD, why at that time KNDB did not control the situation and allowed J. Pawlicky and F.Teer to fool them all? Why KNDB, having received facts of illegal inclusion of players from several countries in to the WC 2013, on GA2013 did not respond to illegal failure to include K.Thjissen to the WC 2013. Moreover KNDB actually voted for violating the rules J.Pawlicky and F.Teer against K.Thjissen. Now, knowing the decision of the Ethics Committee, KNDB not only didn't comment on flagrant violations of the rules FMJD, but still, more than a 3 month, has remained silent.
The most important position in our sports belongs to tournaments' director of FMJD. In other federations similar positions are taken by specialists and they have corresponding committee(s) as well. How did it happen that in our sport an important job like this one had been taken by a person who can't make head or tail of it? He changes rules when he wants it and how he wants it. He invents regulations whenever and however he wishes to and then does not observe them himself. In most cases invented regulations are made up back dated.
Finally, not only KNDB did not react to J.Pawlicky and F.Тееr violation of drafts rules towards their own player but paid for expenses of Д. Berishvili of Georgia. If they would not have done so K. Thjissen would have played
I participated in the World Championships in the past 44 years and this is the first time I witness that the Federation of one country takes the expenses for the player of another country. This should not be possible in sport. What do these facts mean? That both, the KNDB and FMJD, ignore Thjissen's rights as a player and member of KNDB. Who in KNDB leads the politics that result in some Holland players being treated as second grade people? What is the role of J. Krajenbrink in this?

To be continued.
 Anatoli Gantvarg

Bert Zwart
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Re: FMJD EC(Ethics Committee) Decision about K.Thijssen

Post by Bert Zwart » Wed Sep 10, 2014 09:30

I am convinced all this does not help.

If you really believe in all this, you need to take action. But that is impossible if players like Kees and Ron Heusdens rather stay quiet. Nobody involved seems to care, and, consiously or subconsiously, take it as an opportunity to exit a dying game. There is a finite amount of funds to be distributed, but Krajenbrink already took them, he did in what he believed in and, though many people got hurt, he is consistent and succesful. What you will do is complain to your Belarussian federation, but they are not taken seriously. Difficult.

Other people do have some great ideas, and if you find them early enough, there might be a piece of the pie for you. Good luck.

PS: you did not do a serious job in researching Dutch interests, which are served if as many other federations as possible play. I know some Greek people for example, I am sure KNDB would love to see them play in WC. But they are better off having fun in the sun, and so are you!
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Fred van Amersfoort
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Re: FMJD EC(Ethics Committee) Decision about K.Thijssen

Post by Fred van Amersfoort » Wed Sep 10, 2014 09:32

Het zijn dit soort naar beerput riekende toestanden dat ik mijn hobby niet meer binnen de KNDB wil beoefenen. Als Gantwarg gelijk heeft gaat een dammer uit een buitenland op kosten van de KNDB een potje dammen. Wie herkent het patroon? Alles maar dan ook alles is gericht op de meerlanden uitdaging en dus de subsidiepot. Bijkomend voordeel voor de bobo's : ze kunnen blijven reizen naar ieder exotisch oord dat je maar kunt bedenken. De ene dag te druk voor de reguliere werkzaamheden, de andere dag weer op reis. Het is om te kotsen.

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Re: FMJD EC(Ethics Committee) Decision about K.Thijssen

Post by Jelmer Martens » Wed Sep 10, 2014 18:19

Dear Anatoli,

I have the highest respect for what you have done for international draughts. Your match of 1979 against Harm Wiersma, with suberb fight in many games and 6 results out of 20, got so much good publicity in the Netherlands. The World Championship of Bamako 1980 and Dakar 1984, which you won both, encouraged many strong players from Africa to participate.

I also have respect for people you criticize, like Marcel Kosters and Johan Krajenbrink. They spend a lot of their time and energy for nothing (Kosters) or for a small salary (Krajenbrink). They are honest people, just like you.

The World Championship 2013 in Ufa had 40 players from 24 countries. Nine countries had more than 1 place in Ufa: Russia (6x), Netherlands (3x), Ukraine (3x), Latvia (3x), Lithuania (2x), Belarus (2x), Mongolia (2x), Ivory Coast (2x) and Cameroon (2x).

Of course, 6 places for Russia is much. But 4 of them qualified for the final, just like 2 from Ukraine and 2 from Ivory Coast. Why Latvia got 3 places, no idea. None of them qualified for the final.
From the Netherlands, only Boomstra qualified. Baljakin and Meurs just missed the final with a 4th place in their group (1-3 qualified).

In the Ufa final of 12 players: Russia (4x), Ivory Coast (2x), Ukraine (2x), Netherlands (1x), Mongolia (1x), Lithuania (1x), Cameroon (1x).

Just as I wrote before, I don’t think Thijssen should profit from financial problems in other countries. Looking back at the results, Latvia should have had 2 instead of 3 places and a stronger country one place more. That can be the Netherlands, but other countries also qualify. For example Ivory Coast (2 out of 2 qualified for the final!) or Ukraine (2 out of 3). That is a better result than the Netherlands with 1 out of 3.

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Re: FMJD EC(Ethics Committee) Decision about K.Thijssen

Post by playforstacks » Thu Sep 11, 2014 21:08

For me it is clear that the priorities of the KNDB are totally wrong. The KNDB can't do what they want with their own money. That is the reason why the KNDB and the draughts community can't stop draughts of dying. The people who get all this money (what will find a better place if it is invested in recreational draughts) are persons who have a lot of power and influence on KNDB. That some of those people act inappropriate and make bad and unfair decisions (if you are not friends with them) is true as well.

I don't know a lot about this exact case and it seems that the FMJD had a difficult decision to make where always people would get hurt. I have met J. Pawlicki several times and i think he is a nice and kind person who always tries to make a fair and good decision. In my opinion and the opinion of a lot of people i know j. Pawlicki is a very meaningful person for draughts, not only for FMJD but also very meaningful for local draughts.

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