Sumo, darts, ... draughts

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Sumo, darts, ... draughts

Post by A.Presman » Sun Jun 15, 2003 12:06

I follow with a concern the development and improvements in this sports.

It would be useful to analyse what is the reasons of their success and becoming important TV sports.
Also here is to suggest what we can do to make draughts sport TV-attractive.
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Real name: Alexander Presman
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Post by A.Presman » Sun Jun 15, 2003 12:10

DREAM of the draughts organiser.

In 1999 after success of first tournaments in Salou we were looking for other place for organization - I requested (via my professional contacts) a travel company in Cyprus to study the organizational and sponsor's possibilities.
I received approximately following fax
"Dear Sir,
We will be more than happy to help you in organization of the draughts tournament. We contacted sponsors already and they showed big interest to the event. We have already guaranty for ...... $ from such a companies as "............" and "............". Also "........." and "............" would like to participate and are asking for sponsor's conditions.
The only what we'd like to know is:
- does tournament belong to the official calender of the World Draughts Federation?
- Will there be some of world top players?
- Will it be showed on Eurosport?
We are waiting for you answer very soon as our telephones are overheated"

After small shock I understood that they confused draughts with darts.

Names of companies and amounts are skipped to do not irritate already irritated draughts public.

Jacques PERMAL
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other example

Post by Jacques PERMAL » Sun Jun 15, 2003 15:19

Our 2nd vice-president - Alain BESSON- is in charge to find sponsors for FFJD ( Fédération Française de Jeu de Dames).
He managed to contact a french subsidiary of a big Anglo-Dutch company.
When A. Besson said to him that we were officially about 600 players, the contact said that it was too low number !!!!

Now, we must find the way to affiliate a lot of informal players if we want to be considered seriously.
Information : my first priority !!

L'info en première ligne !!

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