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This newspaper's article tell about the concrete steps are doing by Italian Draughts Federation to obtain the possibility to enter in OIC and to obtain big sponsorship throught the Winter Games Olympic 2006 in Turin.

Eleonora Radin Bubbi
FMJD - Tournament Director Senior 100 cases


They candid city in order to accommodate itself in the 2006 games of the Mind: Draughts, Chess, Bridge. Moncalieri asks great voice for being olympic center. And ago for mouth of the Mayor Dr. Lorenzo Bonardi and the President of the TOROC Prof.Valentino Castellani and its vice On. Rinaldo Bontempi, than saturday (26.04.2003) they have announced the candidacy of the city in order to accommodate in the 2006 Olympic Sports Mind.
Then to carry to the Real Castle of Moncalieri the main Draughts champions and Chess, even with a formula that touches all the Sabaude Residences of our Region. And the occasion could not that to be the inauguration of 1° the Torneo Open of International Draughts in the slid one week end in the historical center, with the participation of champions of the coming from specialty from one ten of countries: Italy, France, Principato di Monaco, Switzerland, Holland, Senegal, the Congo, Lettonia, Ucraina, Armenia "the Torneo Open that has been carried out to the school Silvio Pellico has been one of the more important that they have been kept in Italy - comments Dr. Lorenzo Bonardi, Mayor of Moncalieri - and the objective is placed to start and to define a distance of collaboration with the Federations and the Committees’ sports who could carry to the realization of two important plans for our city: the World Championship for Teams in 2005 and, together with the Winter Olympic Games of the 2006 Olympic Games, of the Mind Sports ".
A definition in which the Checkers, Chess, the Bridge and the Backgammon re-enter. An attempt that has found adhesions between the main exponents of the piemontese political world and not only, than has been delivered up in promotore committee. Favorable they are declares Dr. to you Enzo Ghigo President of the Region Piemonte, the Dott.ssa Mercedes Bresso President of the Province of Turin, Dr. Sergio Chiamparino Mayor of Turin, the Prof. Valentino Castellani President of the TOROC (the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games 2006) Dr. Renzo Tondo President of the F.I.D. (Italian FederationDraughts), beyond to same the C.O.N.I. Italian National Olympic Comittee. A technical table that in the next few months will promote the city of Moncalieri, in the only attempt to carry in the same region the same year the Olympic Games of the Mind. "draft - Bonardi continues - of giving to body and voice to a" promotore committee "that picked this proposal to you with the objective to realize some appointments of international value that can be tied to the sport event of 2006". Renzo Tondo President of Region Friuli Venice Giulia, Guru of Federation Italiandraughts, has evidenced as "Draughts is Sport of Brain in which are excellent above all young people, that creativity feeds", while Castellani has remembered as "the great appointment of 2006 is a container of ulterior resources and energies, beyond that of a change of mentality. An inheritance in which this plan becomes part fully also, in order to join the sport of the body to that one of the mind ".
"Moncalieri - it has then concluded Bonardi Mayor - wants to become one of the important cities of the draughts"
Luca Carisio (Journalist)

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