PWCE-III Ending 10x10 WC.

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PWCE-III Ending 10x10 WC.

Post by rusms » Thu Aug 29, 2019 03:35

At the end of the organization and holding of the last competition (PWCE-III) indicated in the official Calendar 2017-2018, the former CPI FMJD considers it fulfilled its obligations to the public and problemists, as well as to the FMJD, which in due time selected and delegated CPI members to this work. After this competition, the ex-CPI FMJD finally ceases to function and resigns.


World Championship versus ex- CPI FMJD By Endings-100, PWCE-III

R U L E S and R E G U L A T I O N S

1. World Championship PWCE-III is organized by ex- CPI FMJD which is fully responsible for governing Ending World Championship in accordance with official CPI FMJD event Calendar 2017-2018 and International Rules RI/RIE (except Judges participation in competition)..

Championship timeframe: September 1, 2019 – August 1, 2020

Final deadline to submit positions and solutions: January 31, 2020

Publishing endings and solution in Internet and release them to judges: March 1, 2020.

Publishing comments: May 1, 2020.

Release preliminary results: July 1, 2020.

Release final results and award: August 1, 2020.

2. All endings which participate in PWCE-III, are fully compliant with International Rules RI/RIE CPI FMJD for endings (part I) and for competition (part II) except judges participation in competition.

3. The following compositions can participate in PWCE-III:

New endings + endings which published in the past (but not participated in competition) without past deadline limitations + endings which participated in competition after official end of PWCE-II (June 20, 2010).

4. Team and co-author compositions are not allow to participate in PWCE-III.

5. PWCE-III consists of three categories. In each category the task is – “white to begin and win”. For all endings which participate in competition: the total number of all black pieces in initial position shall not exceed 7 (seven), the total number of all white pieces in initial position shall not exceed 4 (four).

Requirements to categories:

5.1. Category “A”: Endings with only white men.

5.2. Category “B”: Endings with white men and Kings.

5.3. Category “C”: Endings with only white Kings.

6. Total number of all endings in each category – from 0 up to 4. Total number of all compositions from each author who participates in competition – shall not exceed 9 (nine) endings. Each author decides individually – what number of endings (up to 4) participate in each category.

7. Solution must be given in short notation and specify only compositional variations and compositional false solutions + prove of legacy in initial position if such prove is necessary.

If ending already participated in competition or published (including Internet-sources), author can specify competition where ending participated, date and source of publication if this information is known to author. At the same time author in separate addition to solution, can write non-composition variations, provide prove of solution clearance. These additions coordinator sends to judges but doesn’t make them public.

8. Based on the ending rank in each category, points will be awarded as following:

1st place – 100 points, 2nd place – 97, 3rd place – 94, 4th place – 92, 5th place – 90, 6th place – 88, 7th place – 87 and so on with reducing by 1 point. Elimination of compositions (0 points) is allowed only in case based on objective criteria(s) defined in International Rules RIE.

9. Individual result of PWCE-III participant will be calculated as sum of his/her best six compositions no matter the category. Individual evaluation for each composition is calculated as mathematical average of all judges evaluation number (5 or 4 if composition were not evaluated by author-judge).

Criteria's for tie-break in case of even points follow rules described in 8 & 9 of this document:

9.1. Sum of points for 7 best endings;
9.2. Sum of points for 8 best endings;
9.3. Sum of points for 9 best endings.

10. Winner of the World Championship PWCE-III versus ex- CPI FMJD will be declared as World Champion versus ex- CPI FMJD. Champion, 2nd and 3rd finishers also will be awarded by diploma’s of ex- CPI FMJD and cash prizes:

- 1st place - $200 US;
- 2nd place - $100 US;
- 3rd place - $50 US.

11. PWCE-III Judicial Committee:

J. Bastiaannet (the Netherlands)
A. Nirov (Russia)
M. Tsvetov (Israel)
A. Tavernier (France)
V. Shulga (Belarus)

PWCE-III Coordinator: Rustam Shayakhmetov, Russia

PWCE-III Consultant: Alexander Polevoy, Israel

Coordinator cannot participate in the World Championship PWCE-III versus ex- CPI FMJD.

Judges can participate in the World Championship PWCE-III versus ex- CPI FMJD (vary from RIE), but without right of evaluation their own compositions.

12. Participants of the World Championship PWCE-III versus ex- CPI FMJD should send endings and solutions prior February 1, 2020 to coordinator by email or by regular mail to mail address. All correspondences must be received by coordinator before February 1, 2020 no matter the way of submission (either email or regular mail).

Coordinator Mail address: Russia, UFA, Dostoevskogo str, 49"Central Draughts Club "Bashkortostan" / Centralnyi shashechnyi club
"Bashkortostan" from Mr.Shayakhmetov, R.A.

Coordinator email:

World Championship Rules and Regulations, endings and solutions, comments, preliminary and final results will be published on Internet sites:

M. Lepsic forum:
FMJD forum:
Site “Shashki v Rossii”

Ex- CPI FMJD President
V. Shulga

Minsk, August 29, 2019 _______________________________
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Re: PWCE-III Ending 10x10 WC.

Post by rusms » Sun Mar 29, 2020 19:23

Positions and solutions are posted here:

You can send your comments / corrections to PWCE-III Coordinator Rustam Shayakhmetov: rustam_shayakhme + @ +
There is always something around the corner in the game of Draughts !

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