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From Lélio Marcos Sarcedo:


September 25 – October 6 – UBATUBA – SÃO PAULO – BRAZIL

1 – The 18th World Brazilian Checkers Championship is organized by Section 64 of FMJD together with Confederação Brasileira de Jogo de Damas e Federação Paulista de Jogo de Damas.

2 – The competition will be realized in Ubatuba Beach (far 250 km from Sao Paulo city), from September 25 to October 6, playing only one game per day, with this program:

September – 25 and 26 – Arrival days

27 – Official Opening and First round

28 – 2nd round

29 – 3rd round

30 – 4th round


1 – 5th round

2 – 6th round

3 – 7th round

4 – Play Off

5 – Play Off – Closing Ceremony

6 - Departure

3 – Each country affiliated to FMJD can participate with 3 players and also have rights to participate all ex-world champions and the 3 first in the World Brazilian Checkers Championship organized at São Paulo-2002.

4 – Confederação Brasileira de Jogo de Damas will pay all custs (hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner) for: a) maximum of 3 players per country; b) all ex-world champions and c) the 3 first of World Brazilian Checkers Championship organized at Sao Paulo city-2002.

5 – All players must inform arrival date and flyght number to the Brazilian Draughts Federation.

6 – Brazilian Draughts Federation will pick all players up at the São Paulo Airport (Cumbica-Guarulhos).

7 – Players that don´t inform arrival date and flyght number will not get back what they expend for transportation from São Paulo Airport to Brazilian Draughts Federation (Meeting Point – Rua Fortunato – 286 – Santa Cecília – São Paulo – S.P. ) or for another place.

8 – The official telephon for contacting in Brazil is – 00-55-11-8122-7113.

9 – The official emails for contacting for all informations about this competition are: lelio@idamas.com.br; leliomls@yahoo.com and ricardoferrero@uol.com.br.

10 – All players must inform Brazilian Draughts Federation full name, passport number and date of birthday for Visa preparation.

11 – The games will be played by Micro Mattch by Brazil Lottery System in annex with 1 hour for each player (K.O. System).

12 – The competition will be organized by Brazilian Swiss System with 2 points for the winner of the Micro Match, 1 point for each player if the Micro Match is draw and 0 points for the loser ot the Micro Match. And second points of the micro match is total of points in the 2 games:

- win 2 games – 4-0

- win 1 – draw 1 – 3-1

- win 1 – lose 1 – 2-2

- draw 1 – lose 1 – 1-3

- win 0 – lose – 2 – 0 – 4

These points will be considered as second point for pairing the rounds according Brazilian Swiss System. The first round will be organized by rating where the first rating of the first part plays against the first rating of the second part; the second rating of the first part, against the second of the second part; and so on. The other rounds will be organized looking the points of the Micro Match and the total points of the Micro Match according Brazilian Swiss System.

13 – After finishing the 7 rounds the competition will continuos dividing the players in each 4 positions in the classification and they will play so:

- First 4 positions - 1x4 2x3 – The winners play the final and losers 3rd and 4th places.

- From 5th to 8th – 5x8 – 6x7 – the winners play for 5th and 6th and losers for 7th and 8th

- Etc...

14 – The price money for the competition will be R$ 15.000,00 (around US$ 5,000.00) and the division of this price will be informed during Official Opening.

15 – The entry fee for all players will be US$ 100,00 and must be payed in the Official Opening.

Harm Wiersma and Lélio Marcos in Barcelona