WC Qualifier (Men) /WC (Women), provisional nominations!

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WC Qualifier (Men) /WC (Women), provisional nominations!

Post by ingo_zachos » Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:36

Here is a list of nominations for the Qualifier (Men) /World Championship (Women)
to be held in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) on November 13th to 16th,
as of October 27th:

I. General class (Men):

Barbados (BDA):
1. GM Jack Francis, Barbados Champion 2013 + 2014

Barbados (BCDF):
2. GM Ron King, former WC in 3-move and GAYP!, Silver Medal WMSG 2008, more victories in major tournaments then any player ever!
3. IM Colin Price

Italy (FID):
4. GM Sergio Scarpetta, WC in GAYP!, Silver Medal WMSG 2012!
5. Luca Iacovelli

6. Evgheni Tozlovanu
7. Mihai Armas

8. GM Jim Morrison, former WC Challenger (GAYP)!
9. IM Joe Moore
10. IM Charles Freeman

11. IM Michael Holmes
12. Alex Holmes, Junior World Champion (GAYP) 2013,

USA (Ohio):
13. Mark Sokolovsky

14. GM Alex Moiseyev, former World Champion!, Gold Medal WMSG 2008!, countless other tournament victories!

II) Women:

Barbados (BDA):
1. Wilma Branch, 2nd last WC (GAYP) 2013!, 2nd QT Barbados 2004!

Barbados (BCDF):
2. Kate Bailey

Italy (FID):
3. Erika Rosso, Bronce Medal WMSG Lille 2012!, Winner QT San Remo (GAYP)!, 2011, Italian Champion (women) 2014!

4. Vitalia Doumesh, numerous prices at Draughts 100 Women Championships!,

5. Wilma Wolverton, Winner QT (GAYP) 2009!
6. Kim Willis, 3rd QT Barbados 2004!, 3rd QT Prague 2005 (GAYP)!

7. WGM Nadiya Chyzhevska , World Champion 2014 (GAYP)!, Gold Medal + World Champion WMSG Lille 2012!

The list is only provisional, as some federations have yet to pay their dues, some have not nominated yet, but expressed their wish to sent their players, most notably Turkmenistan (Men/Women), Ukraine (Men), South Africa (Men) and England.

It looks like a strong field if Scarpetta, King and Moiseyev can all make it and it looks like the Women's World Championship is finally established, with Chyzhevska and Rosso propably the (provisional) favorites.

last, but not least:

III. referees:
1. GM Richard Beckwith (USA), WCDF president, former WC Challenger (GAYP)!
2. Roger Doll (USA), referee US Nationals 2014

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