2. WMSG in Lille, France, Checkers events

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2. WMSG in Lille, France, Checkers events

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The 2nd World Mind Sports Games in Lille saw two events in Checkers:

1. The men`s event, which was also the official Qualifier for the 3-move World Championship Match in 2013 against title holder Alex Moiseyev (USA).

It was won by GM Michele Borghetti of Italy, who also had won the last 3-move Qualifer 2010 in Dublin. He lost a match for the title in 2011 by the close result of 6 wins to 7 losses and 27 draws to Moiseyev. This time he seems determined to take revanche.

Second place went to Italy as well. GM Sergio Scarpetta, who won the GAYP Qualifer in San Remo 2011 and drew a title match with GAYP-World Champion Ron King (Barbados) shortly before Lille and thus missed the title by the closest score possible lost the tournament by scoring less points against the "also runs". Michele and Sergio drew both games in the first round. At the national Italian Championship the roles were reversed: Sergio won after a tie in their individual encounter by scoring better against the "also runs". It seems like Italy now has a firm grip on winning the Qualifiers...

Third place went to Turkmenistan. IM Bashim Durdyev upset Ron King, whom he was trailing by 4 four points going into the last round. Bashim made theseemingly impossible possible, and he scored both games against Ron, taking 4-0 points, and thus passing by due to the better tiebreaker (direct encounter). Bashim is the younger brother of Amangul Berdiyeva and of GM Baghtiyar Durdyev and GM Mustafa Durdyev, the only person currently holding both GM titles in Draughts 100 and Checkers. Also another brother, Prahat, holds the IM title in Checkers, while the youngest brother Maksat was World Youth Champion in Checkers 2010...

Full result available here:

http://www.chessarbiter.com/turnieje_wa ... ngs&9.html

Games available here:


2. The Women`s event:

This event was a new event, as there had been no special tournament for women in Beijing.
Due to a decision of the GA of the WCDF, who works as Checkers sections on behalf of the FMJD, there will be no Qualifiers for a title match anymore, but instead an annual tournament for the title with a guarenteed price fund of 1000 Euros.

The event was a race between three players.

First place surpeisingly went to debutant Nadiya Chyzhevska (Ukraine), who shared won win each with the now former World Champion Amangul Bediyeva (Turkmenistan) in the last but one round. In the last round she defeated Erika Rosso (Italy) in one game and drew the other to win the title and the Gold medal.

Second place went to Amangul Berdiyeva, who also suffered a defeat in an earlier round to Erika Rosso (Italy). Erika and her will play a match for the GAYP title in December 2012 in the Aosta Valley, Italy.

Third placed Erika Rosso (Italy), had defeated Amangul in the third round by one win a draw, but her loss to Nadiya in time trouble in the last round put her back to third place.
However, at 17 she was the youngest player in the event, and the result is for sure quite an achievement for her.

http://www.chessarbiter.com/turnieje_wa ... ngs&5.html

http://wcdf.wz.cz/games/WCDF%202012%203 ... 0women.pdn

Many pictures of the event, combined with impressions from the WMSG, especially from Draughts 100 and Draughts 64, are available at the WCDF facebook site:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/WCDF/2657 ... ?sk=photos

A picture of Michele Borghetti and an interview is published in one edition of the WMSG 2012 bulletin by the IMSA, which also features pictures of the medal winners on the front page:

http://www.imsaworld.com/wp/wp-content/ ... _color.pdf

Greetinx from sunny Dortmund, Germany

Ingo Zachos,

ececutive board WCDF,
referee in Lille

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