Irish Open: Ron King (BAR) wins!

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Irish Open: Ron King (BAR) wins!

Post by ingo_zachos » Wed Nov 09, 2011 15:16

The most prestigous event in Checkers in Europe over the last couple of years have been the Irish Open, taditionally held in the last weeks of October in 3-move style (ie the first three moves are balloted from 156 possible openings that are recognized to be at least drawable).

This year World Champion Ron King (BAR) again secured victory in the highest section, followed by young Irish Grandmaster Shane McCosker.

Final Standings:


GM Ronald King 28/36
GM Shane McCosker 26
IM Myles Hannigan 24
IM Sean Cronin 20


Sean McKenna 26
Vincent Kelly 24
Mick O' Shoughnessy 22
John Cunningham 21
John Joe Magee 20
Joe McGuire 20


Patsy Quinn 25
James Boyle 24
John Kelly 22
Sean McCauley 22

The number of foreign guessts this year was smaller then in the previous years, probably due to the fact the the GAYP World Qualifier of the WCDF had been played late October in San Remo as well.

[img]h ... x=60&ty=66[/img]

Ron King again proved his superiority, after he had tied for 1/2 nd at the San Remo Open prior to the QT in San Remo.
Ron also was the defending champion in Ireland, and it looks as if the old lion has not lost his teeth, though he was hunted by young talented Grandmaster Shane McCosker until the last round.

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