World Qualifier Checkers (GAYP) San Remo, final results

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World Qualifier Checkers (GAYP) San Remo, final results

Post by ingo_zachos » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:00

Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) won the right to challenge the World Champion Ron "Suki" King (Barbados) by winning the Qualifier held in San Remo from October 19th to 22nd after a long and hard fight.


Top standings:

1st - GM Sergio Scarpetta (ITA) 21/32
2nd - GM Lubabalo Kondlo (SAF) 20/32
3rd - GM Jack Francis (BAR) 20/32

In a close fight in a very strong field (all players GM or IM strengts), Sergio was always at the top, either alone or in the joint lead.
Lubabalo was unlucky to lose his first game ever in a WCDF event in the last round against GM Richard Beckwith. Had he drawn the game, he would have won on tiebreaker.

Jack Francis played a strong tournament, without any loss, but not enough wins to carry the laurels home.

Complete results and games: ... index.html


Erika Rosso (Italy) crushed her opponents in the Women`s Qualifier with 11 wins and one draw to win the right to challenge title holder Amangul Berdiyeva, nee Durdyeva (TRM), quite impressively.

Top standings:

1st Erika Rosso (ITA) 23/24
2nd Irma Bejashvili (ISR) 13/24
3 rd Gultach Madanova (TRM) 9/24


it is worth mentioning that all ladies but one could have also played at the Juniors because of their youth, and the youngest player prevailed!

final standings and games: ... AYP%5FWCW/


The Junior World Championship also went to Italy.

Alessio Scaggiante (ITA) , who already won a silver medal at the draughts 100 European Youth Championship a few weeks ago, showed that he is also very familiar with 64 squares and scored a victory ahead of last years champion Maksat Durdyev (TRM) and compartiot Gennaro Bruno.

1st Alessio Scaggiante (ITA) 20/24
2nd Maksat Durdyev (TRM) 14/24, Maksat won direct comparison against Gennaro
3rd Gennaro Bruno (ITA) 14/24

The first three proved to be great talents. Quiet possibly all of them may play in a men`s Qualifier in the near future, like IM Bashim Durdyev and IM Filip Kareta do, who played at the Youth WC 2005 in Prague. In this competition, we also saw the youngest player prevail!


final standings and games: ... AYP%5FWCJ/

More pictures can be found at the WCDF facebook site:

If you want to download all games in pdn, and those games of past Qualifiers, plz consult the website of the Danish Draughts Federation (DDF):

Greetinx from Ingo Zachos,

executive board WCDF.

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