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Checkers Database

Post by ingo_zachos » Sat Nov 13, 2010 21:03

Dear Checker friends,

Here is a site you have to know if you want to make progress in our fine draughts style:

On the website of Mr. Eric Strange there are many games and problems in the biggest online database for Checkers so far!

You can browse this database by source, position, for a special player etc., and watch the results online on an animated checkerboard.
Training to visualize (to "see ahead") has never been so easy:

Note that "crossboard" is a term often used to describe practical playing strenghts, in contrast to "book play", which describes memorized lines.

But note that a lot of book play is also available at this site, as Eric has taken the task to adapt some of the most reknown works of checker literature, like Lees Guide, Bolands Bridges, Solid Checkers or Kear's Encyclopedia, and used them as sources for his fine database.

The verdict about that site is clear.
Most players give it a "Wow!"

Greetinx from rainy Germany,

Ingo Zachos

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