WCDF Qualifier + Youth World Championships 2010

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WCDF Qualifier + Youth World Championships 2010

Post by ingo_zachos » Tue Nov 02, 2010 22:44

Dear Checker friends,

the new challengers for for the World Champions and the new Youth World Champion in 3-move (= openings are balloted) have been found.

General class ("men"): Michele Borghetti, Italy
Women: Hugmangul Toyeva, Turkmenistan
Youth: Maksat Durdyev, Tukmenistan

Congratulations to the FID (Italy) and the Turkmenistan Draughts Federation.

Many thanks to the Irish Draughts Association (IDA) for hosting this events.

Bids for the 2011 Qualifiers and Youth World Championships in Checkers, this time in GAYP, ie Go As You Please (= opening moves can be choosed freely from the beginning) are still very much appreciated.

The qualifier 2010 was played in 3-move, ie the first 3 (half)moves were selecet by a ballot from 156 playable openings, and then the players played this openig twice, colors reversed in the 2nd game.

Date: October 27th - October 30th
Venue: Radisson Hotel, Dublin Airport, Dublin
8 rounds swiss system, ie 16 games or 32 points possible.

Final standings general class:

Place Name Nation Title Elo Points Sonneborn/Berger

1 Borghetti, Michele ITA - - 23 417
2 King, Ron BAR GM 2556 23 412
3 McCosker, Shane NIR GM 2408 20 346
4 Webster, John USA IM 2357 20 329
5 Schwatz, Joe USA IM 2382 19 330
6 Owens, Garrett IRL IM 2363 18 286
7 Durdyev, Baghtiyar TRM GM 2444 17 284
8 Tovagliaro, Roberto ITA CM 2319 17 280
9 Holmes, Michael USA IM 2272 17 277
10 Martynov, Igor GER IM 2330 17 273
11 Shabshai, Michael ISR IM 2384 17 267
12 Hannigan, Myles NIR IM 2378 17 246
13 Morrison, Jim USA GM 2411 16 253
14 Durdyev, Bashim TRM IM 2290 16 230
15 Durdyeva, Amangul TRM IM 2406 16 202
16 Kareta, Filip CZE IM 2286 15 231
17 Young, Colin SCO IM 2255 14 193
18 Wien, Thomas GER - 1990 14 156
19 Moran, Frank IRL IM 2227 13 166
20 Oliphant, Danny SCO IM 2180 12 149
21 Boyle, Anthony ENG IM 2237 12 148
22 Doyle, Paddy IRL CM 2255 11 133
23 Rose, Anthony ENG - 2149 10 121
24 Tichy, Jaroslav CZE - 2069 10 119

After a nail-baiting race between the GAYP World Champion Ron King and the multiple times Italian Dama World Champion Michele Borghetti, who played his very first major tournament in Checkers, King seemed to have won, as he played a 2-2 against Joe Schwartz of the USA, while Borghetti was beaten 3-1 by the later 3rd placed Grandmaster Shane McCosker of Northern Ireland. King now had 21 points and Borghetti 19, with McCosker on 18 and one round, or two games to go...

In the last round, King could not defeat McCosker and played two draws: 2-2.
Borghetti took both games from IM Michael Shabshai and the tie-breaker had to decide.
According to the WCDF rules, the Sonneborn/Berger system was applied, and Borghetti won by an edge.

Michele now has earned the right to challenge the title hoder, Alex Moiseyev (USA) in 2011 to a match of 40 games.
Bids to host this match are very much appreciated.

Michele also became a Grandmaster with this victory, but he is not the first Italian Grandmaster, as Paolo Faleo earned the title in 2008 by a Top 10 place at the WMSG in Beijing.

Final Standings Women:

1. Hugmangul Toyeva (TRM) 11
2. Jan Mortimer (NZL) 10
3. Kim Willis (USA) 3

Only three women attended.
I personally hope that next time the number should increase.

A very close race between the young Toyeva and the expirienced former challenger Jan Mortimer from NewZealand was decided by their encounters against the 3rd palyer, American championesse Kim Willis.
Toyeva defeated her 7-1, but Mortimer only scored 6-2.

Congratulations to Hugmangul, who now has the right to challenge the current title holder, Amangul Durdyeva, also from Turkmenistan, who was invited by the WCDF to play in the general section this time.
Bids for this match over 20 games are also very much appreciated, but most likely a bid from Turkmenistan will be accepted by both players and the WCDF.

Her youngest brother, Maksat Durdyev won the Youth World Championships.

Congratulations to Hugmangul Toyeva, Maksat Durdyev and Michele Borghetti.

Ingo Zachos,

WCDF executive board
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Re: WCDF Qualifier + Youth World Championships 2010

Post by ingo_zachos » Wed Nov 03, 2010 02:12

And here are the winners....

"Grande" Michele Borghetti


And youthful, 18 years old Hugmangul Toyeva


Greetinx from Dortmund, Germany

Ingo Zachos,

WCDF executive board

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