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Post by Hippopotam » Sat Apr 05, 2003 13:55

§£onjour. Je voudrais savoir les r¨¦ponses aux questions suivants du Pr¨¦sident de la FMJD:

1. C'est vrai que le Pr¨¦sident de la FMJD malgr¨¦ la d¨¦cision du Comit¨¦ directeur et les objections de quelques f¨¦d¨¦rations autorisera ¨¤ prendre part ¨¤u championnat du monde compl¨¦mentairement aux participants conform¨¦ment ¨¤ la F¨¦d¨¦ration du jeu de Dames de la Russie?
2. Voit-il les listes de ces dits " Championnats de la Russie"? Sait-il que aux certains cat¨¦gories on ait pris part l'un ou deux personnes?

En vous remerciant ¨¤ l'avance

Nicolas Guibert
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Post by Nicolas Guibert » Tue Apr 08, 2003 15:46

Je ne comprends pas très bien tes questions. Peut-être que le président de la fédération mondiale les comprend mieux que moi.

Peux-tu nous expliquer ce qui se passe plus en détails ?

Il y a 2 fédérations en Russie, c'est ça ?

Combien sont reconnues par la FMJD ? Normalement une seule je crois ?

Laquelle est reconnue ?

Tu ne parles pas anglais Hippopotam ? Qui es-tu ?

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Post by A.Presman » Tue Apr 08, 2003 22:55

Recent development is that since last GA the FMJD have 3 sections:
section 100, section 64 (russian/brazilian) and section 64 (checkers).
Every section should have own General Assembly, President, Managing Board.
So the policy of the FMJD has been slightly changed - FMJD recognise one federation per country per section. Though FMJD prefers if only one joined federation represents all kinds of game.
Coming GA will sure talk about this development and define the policy for coming years.
USA was the example of country where it is very difficult to have one joined federation.
But actually the situation in Russia is that there are two federations. One is under Presidentship of R.Klimashev and other which is only for 100 squares game. Practically all 100-sq. players joined to the new federation-100. So FMJD couldn't ignore this development and granted till approval of the coming major GA all organistion and qualification rights in 100 to the "new" Russian Internationla Draughts Federation and left to "old" Russian Draughts Federation only the 64-game.
RDF claims still to be responsible for both games.
So it is not easy. And maybe it has even no sence to go too deep into details.
April 1 ( nice date, isnt'it? ) in Ministery of Sport of Russia the meeting has been organised where representatives of both federations were presented as well as Wouter van Beek and Harm Wiersma.
The idea of the meeting was to look for the possibility for two federation to join in one.
What will follow - we will see.

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