Online Computer Olympiad 2020

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Ed Gilbert
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Online Computer Olympiad 2020

Post by Ed Gilbert » Wed Oct 14, 2020 14:26

I received this from Leo Nagels:
As most of you will already know, the Computer Olympiade in Santiago de Compostela in September was cancelled

due to Corona measures.

I am happy to announce, that about a week ago I was mailed by the ICGA president Jonathan Schaeffer, that

there still will be a Computer Olympiad. It will be played online on the internet.

The dates:

23 november : last day registration

25-29 novenber : scheduling tournament (a first!)

30 november - 15 december : the tournament

You will find more information on the tournament on the ICGA-site :

Some extra information :

The tournament is played using the facilities of the Ludii-site of the University of Maastricht The Netherlands.

For more information on what Ludii stands for :

Looking at this site is interesting in its own right especially for developers of computergames, so look at it

even if you don't plan to participate in the tournament.

For being able to play in the tournament you need to do 3 things:

- become a Ludii-agent (how to do so is on the Ludii-site)

- download the latest version of Java (link on the Ludii-site)

- become a member of the Ludii-forum (also done on the Ludii-site), its free

Registering for the tournament is done on the ICGA-site.

Of course you may register for other games than International Draughts.

For each registration a fee of 40 Euro is due.

If you are planning to register for International draughts, Frisian draughts or Brazilian draughts,

please let me know, so I may be able to inform you on the names of the participants in advance.

The participating names for the moment are Ton Tillemans (TD King), Frank Mesander (Tornado) and myself (Cerberus).

Fr gr

Leo Nagels

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Re: Online Computer Olympiad 2020

Post by Sidiki » Mon Oct 19, 2020 14:35

Hi ED,

We hope that most of you on this forum will take part to this tournament, to fight again TD King, or Cerberus we don't know if they, the programmers of these engine, improved them.


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