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Post by bedolido » Fri Sep 29, 2006 15:22

After I have participated in the Thailand Open of 2006, Mr. Eric van Dusseldorp and I discussed of the possibility of holding the next tournament in the Philippines. He made a consensus among the Thailand participants and it came out that they still want a Thailand Open in 2007. However, Eric has suggested that it might be possible for a Philippines Open 2008.

I have already floated this idea with the local government unit of Digos City and Mr. Bernardo Quipit suggested to hold it in digos city because the city is now developing a tourist class resort located just a 10 minute drive from the city thoroughfare complete with all the modern facilities for a tournament and an ideal place to spend a vacation.

This plan will surely materialized because the Philippine National dama Federation starts preparing now. Final tournament details will be disccussed after the thailand Open 2007. Members of the organizing committee would be Mr. Eric van Dusseldorp(Holland), Mr. Andrius Markevicius (Lithuania) and the PNDF still welcomes any draughts enthusiasts for their voluntary involvement in this endeavor and to make this dream come true.

Cheap? If Thailand is cheap, Philippines is cheaper! One euro costs 48 baht but in the Philippines one euro is 69 pesos!

See you in the Philippines folks!!! Particularly in Digos City!!!!

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Post by Hanco Elenbaas » Fri Sep 29, 2006 21:16

Pictures draughts in the Philippines : ... ght=#48153

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