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<center>><font size=7><B>Alan Millhone</B></font><P></center>

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<UL><LI>Name: Alan Millhone
<LI>Date of Birth: November 21, 1948
<LI>Location: Belpre,Ohio (Along the Ohio River)
<LI>Occupation: Builder/Remodeler
<LI>Years Playing: Actively from 1965-1970 then left the game till 1999. I credit the internet in getting me re-interested in the Grand Old Game. I will publish more on my 30 year lapse at a later date when I elaborate on the questions posed to me by John.
</TD></TR><TR><TD colspan=2>
<LI>Proudest Checkers Accomplishment: "It was not till a year ago that I ordered <I>Checkers the Tinsley Way</I> and found a draw game he and I played years ago. My name is a little mis-spelled, but it is to me all the same. I have always been an average player . To have my
name and game included in Dr. Shuffett's book with all the other great
players is something I am very proud of. Marion was a house guest of my Wife
and I on several occasions and I spent some week-ends with him in Columbus, Ohio at his Mother's (Viola) years ago."
<LI>For more about Alan, you can read <a href=" ... .html">his interview</A>.


<B>"Six More" - courtesy of Alex Moiseyev.<P></B>

1) More people;<BR>
2) More checkers;<BR>
3) More money;<BR>
4) More business;<BR>
5) More respect;<BR>
6) More Democracy.<BR>

Yours sincerely<BR>
Alan Millhone Campaign manager<BR>
Alex Moiseyev<BR><hr>

<B>Money Matters</B><P>
Hello BBS readers,players,etc.<P>

Someone asked me a question a time back about my ideas for raising more money for the ACF . I had made a note on this and now want to address this item. This is part of my "SIX MORE" . Carefully thinking everything over I feel the money in the ACF treasury should remain untouched and become our "gold fund" . <P>

MORE MONEY means: <P>

1) Increase membership dues <BR>
2) Reduce ACF Bulletin expenses<BR>
3) Increase number of members<BR>
4) Sales of Checker related items<BR>
5) Advertisement from other companies<BR>
6) Local sponsors<P>

#1 Is dangerous for someone like me running for ACF President. I feel some type of increase is necessary, I am not sure how much, and would appreciate 'feedback' from all ACF Members and those considering joining. <P>

#2 This has been discussed at some length on here. Some members might opt for electronic sending of bulletin at a reduced cost. Personally I like my 'hard copy' and am willing to pay more for same. If bids are let out and an ACF Member is 'close' on the bid, then that member should get the printing job, keep as much 'in house' as possible.<P>

#3 I feel now we are keeping many from joining because of non-US memmbers not being able to vote . Also I am seeing complaints on the secrecy of not publishing all ACF finances. I am not 'pointing a finger' simply telling what I read on here and from the various emails I am now receiving. We all need to 'talk up' the ACF any chance we get to any potential member. Many of us I am sure do not invite perspective members as we should. A ACF 'brochure' has been mentioned .<P>

#4 Sale of Checker related items, books,boards,pieces,etc. can be done in the Bulletin or on the ACF Web Site?? Or on the new site I hear is getting ready for 'launching' . Roger Blaine if you see this either 'post' or send me an email with your thoughts on # 4, thanks...<P>

#5 This is just a 'ground floor' idea of mine and I need help expanding on this idea. 5&6 kind of 'tie together'....... Comments would be appreciated :-)<P>

#6 Again, this ties in with the above . Surely someone out there would sponsor us in some way ? This is a good 'brainstorming' idea for posting here on the BBS.<P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR
ACF Presidential Candidate<BR>

<B>A Voice for All</B><P>
Posted by Alan Millhone on September 22, 2002 at 22:02:12:<P>

In Reply to: Re: FOREIGN MEMBERS OF ACF EXCLUDED FROM VOTING posted by Murray Cash on September 22, 2002 at 14:11:09:<P>

: I only found out about this by-law after I became an ACF member. I was very surprised and wonder why it was ever put into place? I feel very disappointed that I can't make a vote for the ACF president.<P>

: Murray Cash<P>

Hello Murray,<BR>
Just now read your posting, I am sorry this situation exists at present in the ACF. If elected I promise to do my best to get it changed so all ACF members can vote, I promise this to all of you members living outside the USA.<P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR>
I Want To Be The Player's President<P><HR>

<B>VOTE OR LOSE!</B> Here Alex Moiseyev, Alan's campaign manager, tells you why he supports Alan and why he thinks you should too:<P>

Posted by Alex Moiseyev (on the <a href="" target="_New">Checker Solutions board</A>) on September 22, 2002 at 04:05:16: <P>

As a manager of Alan Millhone Presidential campaign, I would like to remind you about your duties - if you beleive that many things in our Federation must be changed, if you wanted to improve our organisation and elect for the best person - who can make difference - do two things:<BR>
1) Participate in elections<BR>
2) Vote for Alan Millhone. <BR><BR>

Since I published my nomination on this board about week ago - many interesting discussion were posted on this board, related to the issues - what and how can be improved in ACF. Alan Millhone was very proactive in those discussion and very enthusiactic, trying to collect all people opinion and ideas. Actaully all those discussions weren't the part of campaign - it was a part of regular "day-to-day" job which he is willing to perform. The most important question today we have - does any other candidate can do and plans to do this job better then Mr Alan Millhone ? For the time now the situation remains silent enough from other candidates. <P>

As I said before, I can repeat now and am sure many readers of this board join with me in this opinion - Alan Millhone is the only candidate who wants really to improve our Federation, knows how to do this and open to all people opinion and different points of view. <P>

Lets vote for Alan and give him a chance ! It will be also a chance for all of us and personally - I don't wonna lose a chance ! We are not losers, are we ? <P>


Yours sincerely,<BR>
Alan Millhone Presidential Campaign manager<BR>
Alex Moiseyev <hr>

<h3>Questions and Answers</h3><hr>
Alan writes:
I have decided to tackle each of the ten questions individually and reply to each as such. I feel in this way each answer I post can be 'hashed over' by itself, rather than bunched in a group. Hope this is okay with the overall readership .<P>

1. What are your general priorities and how would you pursue accomplishing these goals?<P>

Reply: The ACF's financial 'woes' appears to me to be an utmost concern . I have today made a formal request for all ACF financial information . I feel as a valid candidate that I am entitled to this information to review and to make better and more accurate decisions from. The ACF needs more people (more members means more dues ). I elaborated on each of SIX MORE in an earlier posting that I am sure most of you read. My seeing an accurate financial report is not the total answer by any means, but it is a beginning . We have to work on attracting more members and we cannot do this with financial secrecy from our members. Comments please, I will be glad to reply to all postings to my # 1 reply. I will attempt to be brief and to the point in my replys to all 10 questions. I am a simple man and will not try to lose anyone in a bunch of rhetoric.<P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR>
ACF Presidential Candidate<BR>

#2. Some members think that important decisions have been made by officiers recently without any attempt to get imput from the membership ? Would you make any effort to give members a greater voice in the decision process,and if so, how ?<P>

My reply: I think the new cabinet of ACF Executive Committee should inform the membership of what is happening in the World of Checkers. Postings on the BBS, ACF Web Site, King's Zone, Mo. Bulletin,etc., will reach many of the players . I fully realize not all players have or want a computer. We will have to insert an article in our ACF Bulletin in order to make sure we have alerted all members of upcoming issues. Members can send a letter, post-card,phone call,etc. to the ACF Committee or directly to the President with their thoughts on an issue to be voted upon. I also feel the President should have the right to an ememgency meeting if deemed necessary. Decisions on important questions should be made only by the Executive Committee . There cannot be any anarchy if we are looking for respect in our organization. <P>

"NO ONE LEFT BEHIND"........... I personally quarantee that each letter/proposition/idea/initiative will not go into the garbage bin, but will be reviewed/discussed/ and then acted upon by YOUR committee and YOUR President. I am dreaming, but would love to see 100% involvement from all the membership. I am very accessible as many of you already know. I would like for each of you reading this to be thinking of questions that can be developed into a questionaire for all members to answer and send back to me (if I am elected) . We all have good ideas, share those ideas !<P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR>
ACF Presidential Candidate<BR>

# 3. What changes do you propose for the format of or for the rules for our National Tournaments? Also, how should the National Junior Championship be determined?<P>

Personally, I see no immediate need to change anything in its existing format. It has worked for many years and has proved who the best players are and ranked them in the correct order according to the results. If we take a look at final standings over the years we find that no strangers were among the top ten players. <P>

What can be improved? The tournament committe and referee must be much more accurate in allowing players to play in one or the other divisions. If you all will remember there were several complaints about Mr. Wayne Gober who played in the Minor Division and won it easily. However, his rating perfectly matched this division at the time he entered, and referee did not have any objections. An opposite example was of a younger player that played in the Master's where he was unable to draw a single round, he should have played in a lower division. In tourney play there should be 'rock solid' rules that cannot be broken-based on performance and ratings (winner of Majors or an outstanding result in a State Tourney. In any case, any exception should be made with great care and perhaps involve the committee. We have discussed more accurate rating system on the BBS . I feel this is essential to gain MORE RESPECT from everyone.<P>

About youth champion and lady champion titles: I feel matches/tourneys should be played during or perhaps outside the National Tournament. This will raise an interest for title event and will hopefully induce youths and ladies to attend. The level of respect for such a tournament will be higher as a result in my opinion. To describe this problem better, I would say that trying to identify the "best youth player" by comparing different divisions,and different partners at the tourneys. Although separate tournaments will prevent any speculation about title and " who is best". If I am elected President I would like to establish a rating committee, I believe Mr. Michael Stewart for one offered his assistance with ratings. Also if you have not played in a tourney for X number of years then your rating goes back to zero. Accurate ratings will help eliminate 'sandbagging' by some better players who hide in a lower group. If I were a better player I most certainly would not hide in a lower group! This topic I am sure could literally fill up this BBS. An accurate rating system will eliminate many problems.<P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR>
ACF Presidential Candidate<BR>

4. Are you in favor of the expansion of the 3-move deck,and if so, when and how should we make this transition ? <P>

This is a very sensitive question. I find the correct answer not an easy one ! I believe over the past few years the ACF voted on this issue of adding openings and the players decided by a narrow margin to stay with the traditional deck . I know that Grandmasters like Alex Moiseyev and Elbert Lowder support the addition of new openings . All of us will view this issue differently. Let us look at an average player as myself. I know little published play and less on the 3-movers. It would not matter to me if there were 1,000 openings in the deck. At the recent Kentucky Open most of the openings I drew were unknown to me and all resulted in a crossboard game . I doubt if adding more openings will increase the membership ? I can't see where we would lose members either ? This is an excellent question to pose to each player on the questionaire I spoke of in earlier BBS postings. Walter Hellman supported the idea-" Any sound opening shall be played " . The English Federation has already approved the new deck, but the Scottish and Irish are still considering the new openings to be added. If elected President I would welcome all opinions on this matter from the entire membership . All of us will not be pleased regardless what happens on the deck expansion or non-expansion of new openings. I would greatly appreciate your comments on adding new openings. What I say is not 'cut in stone' I am just one person who is willing to listen to the entire membership on this or any other matter that presents itself to the ACF Membership. if you desire to contact me privately, my email is: <a href=""></A> <P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR>
ACF Presidential Candidate<BR>

What ideas do you have for promoting the ACF and for increasing membership ?<P>

I addressed this question with my answers to Question # 1. "BUILD THE MEMBERSHIP NOW" is critical at this point . ACF Membership has declined dramatically over the past decade to the point of danger. It would be most difficult to 'top' the fine posting of Mr. Lisle Cormier recently on the BBS. To date I have had little input from any of you as to what committe you would like to serve upon if I am elected. The one big thing I will campaign and fight for is allowing those outside the USA the right to vote in the ACF. This falls under my: "LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND" platform. <P>

Now I have something I would like to discuss on here. I recently wrote an email to Mr. Colin Webster, Presdient of the South African Wargames Union. I received a nice reply and I have since replied to him. In his email he wonders why we want " foreigners " to become involved in American affairs ? He also informs me that most of their players there come from disadvantaged communities and could not afford our membership dues. The have around 60,000 GAYP players down there ! I am wondering if any of you reading this would consider 'sponsoring' a gift membership for a player or a club there ? I will report on this further as I gather more information from him and another individual I wrote to there in S.A. Some time ago Mr. Hugh Devlin made a tour there and a fine report was in the NWDF Newsletter a time ago. It would be nice if one of their top players could come to our GAYP Nationals next year as well. We as ACF Members need to 'reach out' to everyone around the World and let them know who we are and that we desire them as members. Perhaps a fund could be established some day to be able to send say Mr. Alex down there as our ACF representative to play some exhibitions and to 'talk up' the ACF to them, am I dreaming on this ? We all need to become more active in recruiting new ACF Members in any way we can. All of us can do our part to "BUILD THE MEMBERSHIP NOW"<P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR>
ACF Presidential Candidate<BR>

Some members would like to see ratings updated more often,and others have been disappointed that their ratings does not accurately reflect their performance in tournaments. How do you propose that we improve our ratings system? <P>

Hello ACF Members and players, <P>

The ratings system usually depends on the accuracy of reporting. ACF may require timely reporting from State Tournaments in the future. These reports could go to the ACF Secretary who will pass on the results to the appropriate person, who processes the ratings. This person can be selected by the President and volunteers will be welcome. Of late on the BBS there has been five postings cerncerning ratings. Mr. Alex posted his "Big Three" on ratings:<P>
1.) Proper and timely reporting<BR>
2.) Proper and timely processing<BR>
3.) Proper and timely publishing <P>

Mr. George Miller has offered his services for regular,accurate,international ratings thru his most capable hands. George describes his use of the Glicko ratings. I noted ratings of players listed in the back of our recent ACF Bulletin . I also know that Dr. Rich Beckwith is active in gathering data on ratings, thanks Dr. Rich ! We all can do our part to report tourney results as they occur. I am pleased to see Clayton's CHECKER NEWS on the ACF web site now :-) His site is another fine place for us to go to view up to the minute Checker news , thanks Clayton for your contribution to the game. <P>

George Miller also has a posting that the ratings published in the ACFB is not up to date and not inclusive. George says there are other statistical reasons why it is not a reliable source. I will leave all of this up to the ratings experts to improve this listing. Is this the same listing in the ACFB that our current ACF President, Mr. Les Balderson and my old friend Mr. Anthony Bishop had such a battle over ? Anthony refused to publish the list in the ACFB, Les in turn took away the printing of the ACFB from Anthony, and now we pay more for the ACFB to be published ! But I guess that is another story ! <P>

Further comments are welcome either on here or any of you reading my comments are most welcome to email me directly at: <P>

Sincerely, Alan Millhone<BR>
ACF Presidential Candidate<BR>


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