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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:33 

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Real name: Ingo Zachos
Update International Match Italy-USA

Round Five:
1st Board: Moretti-Schwartz 1-3
2nd Board: Cantatore-Nash 3-1
3rd Board: Scarpetta-Pronk 4-0
4th Board: Bernini-Freeman 4-0
5th Board: Celani-Willis 4-0
6th Board: Ciampi-Holmes 1-3
7th Board: D'Amore-Laverty 1-3
8th Board: Iacovelli-Morrison 1-3

Score Round Five: Italy 19, USA 13

Overall Score after Round Five: Italy 79, USA 81

Italy may have missed three more wins, but in the end the USA missed a win when Tim Laverty in great sportmanship offered a draw in a won position, as his time was down to less then a minute.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 15:29 

Joined: Tue Nov 02, 2010 21:56
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Real name: Ingo Zachos
Update International Match Italy - USA

Round Six Results:

1st Board: Moretto-Nash 0-4
2nd Board: Cantatore-Pronk 1-3
3rd Board: Scarpetta-Laverty 4-0
4th Board: Bernini-Sokolovsky 3-1
5th Board: Iacovelli-Holmes 1-3
6th Board: Ciampi-Moiseyev 2-2
7th Board: D`Amore-Morrison 2-2
8th Board: Berte-Beckwith 1-3

Score Round Six: Italy 14, USA 18

Overall Score after Round Six:

Italy 93 USA 99

Top Scorers:
So far GM Matteo Bernini has a score of 20 points from 24 possible, ie 83 percent.
On the US-team GM Alex Moiseyev is on 15 from 20 possible points, ie 75 percent.
The match-up Bernini-Moiseyev will take place, according to the schedule, in the 8th and last round.
Meanwhile the US youth board player Alex Holmes scored 16/24, losing no game, but has to face Bernini now in round seven.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 20:51 

Joined: Tue Nov 02, 2010 21:56
Posts: 169
Real name: Ingo Zachos
Final Update International Match Italy - USA

Score before the eighth and final round:

Italy 111 USA 113

Round Eight Results:

1st Board: Moretto-Freeman 0-4
2nd Board: Cantatore-Willis 4-0
3rd Board: Scarpetta-Sokolovsky 4-0
4th Board: Bernini-Moiseyev 2-2
5th Board: Berte-Morrison 2-2
6th Board: Ciampi-Beckwith 2-2
7th Board: D`Amore-Nash 1-3
8th Board: Ghittoni-Pronk 3-1

Score Round Eight: Italy 18, USA 14

Final Score after Round Eight:

Italy 129, USA 127

After both teams enjoyed a special dinner after the 7th round, the match again returned to the Earth Day Festival in the Villa Borghese.
Both teams were confident and in fighting spirit.

After first games had been played, Chuck Freeman and Clayton Nash scored for thr USA, but Elia Cantatore, Sergio Scarpetta and Dario Ghittoni scored for Italy, so that now the score was exactly tied.

In the second games only US veteran Chuck Freeman and Italy’s youth champion Elia Cantatore scored wins for their teams. All other games were drawn after hard fights, but in the very last game the italian World Champion Sergio Scarpetta played a long ending with american Mark Sokolovsky.
Finally, Sergio managed to get Mark into a difficult bridge ending and Mark found no defense. His resignation concluded the match, and finally Italy won by the closest margin possible.

A great victory ceremony with extensive media coverage on a stage in front of a big crowd marked the end of a historic match. All players, the organizers and the referee agreed that a second chapter of the USA-Italy friendship and their rivalry on the board should be written on the other side of the ocean.

The individual scores were as follows:

Viviana Moretto 5/28 = 18 percent
Elia Cantatore 12/28 = 43 percent
Sergio Scarpetta 24/32= 75 percent
Matteo Bernini 26/32= 81 percent,the best score ever made by any player in an Interational Match
Walter Celani 5/24 = 25 percent
Claudio Ciampi 16/32 = 50 percent
Emanuele D'Amore 17/32 = 53 percent
Daniele Berte 14/24 = 58 percent
Luca Iacovelli 3/12 = 25 percent
Dario Ghittoni 6/12 = 50 percent

Kim Willis 2/28 = 7 percent
Alex Holmes 16/28 = 57 percent
Alex Moiseyev 21/28 = 75 percent, including a win over Sergio Scarpetta
Jim Morrison 16/28 = 57 percent
Richard Beckwith 13/20 = 65 percent
Clayton Nash 13 /24 = 54 percent
Ryan Pronk 11/24 = 46 percent
Chuck Freeman 9/20 = 45 percent
Tim Laverty 9/20 = 45 percent
Mark Sokolovsky 9/20 = 45 percent
Joe Schwartz 8/16 = 50 percent

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