Computer Olympiad 2017 Draughts

Discussion about development of draughts in the time of computer and Internet.
Rein Halbersma
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Re: Computer Olympiad 2017 Draughts

Post by Rein Halbersma » Mon Jul 17, 2017 23:16

BertTuyt wrote:Rein, as of today I see 8x8 BT database results between move 8 and 12, based upon a 1 core search, 15 seconds.
The plydepth I reach is 22-24 ply at that stage.
The DB is a 10P DB.

So calculating from move 1 that is 38 - 48 ply.
Assume that after every 4 moves (so 8 ply), 2 man disappear (due to capture).
So a 12P DB would give an advantage of about 8 ply, so than the search depth becomes 30-40 ply.
Knowing the hyper speed Joost Buijs realized, all does not seem impossible...

So I dont think I need to go to a 16P DB, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

How many pieces does the end of your PV have in those searches? And what percentage of nodes are from 8 vs 8 pieces? If the PV goes quickly to few pieces, then it might indeed be encuouraging!

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Re: Computer Olympiad 2017 Draughts

Post by BertTuyt » Tue Jul 18, 2017 20:18

Rein, I did not examine the PV, nor do i collect statistics for it.
I will be working on the program this weekend, and expect/hope to finalise the 12P DB.
So im also curious how search will behave...


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Re: Computer Olympiad 2017 Draughts

Post by TAILLE » Tue Jul 18, 2017 22:15


Damy is now aware of the breakckthrough draughts rules. I had to modify a lot of things: first of all I had to remove all the code dedicated to kings and secondly I had to remove all the code dedicated to the draw specificity of draughts, including of course the handling of loops. The code looks much simplier!
I will now build a basic eval function before working on a egdb.

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