Israel Open World Cup FMJD 2019

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Israel Open World Cup FMJD 2019

Post by A.Presman » Fri Jun 28, 2019 20:00


About the tournament

The tournament will be conducted under patronage and according to the rules of FMJD (international draughts). The tournament is one of the stages of the World Cup.

Time and place of the Event.

The tournament will be held on November 20-27, 2019 in the hotel Residence in Netanya.

The participants

Participation open for everyone desired and made the payment of the tournament (registration) fee.


The tournament will be held according to the Swiss system with 1 or 2 rounds per day (in total of 9 rounds).
The Games Schedule:

November 20, November 21, until 13.00 — arrival and registration of the participants.

November 21, 15.00 — Opening Ceremony and 1st round.

November 22, 10.00 — 2 round.

November 22, 16.00 — 3 round.

November 23, 16.00 — 4 round.

November 24, 10.00 — 5 round.

November 24, 16.00 — 6 round.

November 25, — day of rest. Tour to Jerusalem.

November 26, 10.00 — 7 round.

November 26, 16.00 — 8 round.

November 27, 10.00 — 9 round.

Closing Ceremony.

Time control: 1 hour 20 minutes per game , addition 1 minute per each made move for participant. (Fischer’s clock).

Places appointment

Places will be appointed by the amount of points obtained by participants. To determine the ranking place when number of points is equal for several participants will apply the following criteria:

Truncated Solkoff Coefficient FMJD: the largest total score of opponents played, not counting the weakest, if needed the second weakest etc.

There is a separate count for women.

Rewarding the winners

Three first places will be awarded with cups and medals of Israel Draughts Federation.

The total prize fund is 2 000 EUR.

1st prize — 500 euros

2nd prize — 300 euros

3rd prize — 200 euros

4th prize — 200 euros

5th prize — 150 euros

6th prize — 100 euros

The winners among women players:

1st prize — 300 euros

2nd prize — 150 euros

3rd prize — 100 euros


IDF offering accommodation in the hotel in the city — Netanya. This is the most convenient option, because the tournament will be held at the same hotel.

Accommodation cost per night:

Single room bed & breakfast — $ 98 per person per night

Double room bed & breakfast — $ 108 ($ 54 per person per night)

Triple room bed & breakfast — $ 148 ($ 49.3 per person per night)

The Competition fee

For those who will stay in the official organizer’s hotel the tournament fee is 50 EUR.

To other participants the tournament fee is 100 EUR.

Participants who will apply and provide a letter of guarantee regarding participation in the tournament from the National Federation until September, 15 will be able to enjoy a privileges in choosing a hotel room (confirmed hotel accommodation, sea view room, etc.).

Participants over 70 years old will pay a competition fee of 20 EUR.

Participation is free of charge for the players under 18 years old.

Confirmation of participation

Everyone wishing to participate in the tournament shall provide send applications before October, 20, 2019 to Israel Draughts Federation.


Information about the tournament will be posted in the IDF website —

Questions about the tournament follow the registration: tel. +97254745430

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Re: Israel Open World Cup FMJD 2019

Post by EricvanDusseldorp » Sat Jun 29, 2019 09:50

Ik mag toch hopen dat de accommodatieprijzen in sjekel zijn en niet in dollars?
Dan zou ik dat toch even extra vermelden. Om misverstanden te voorkomen.

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Re: Israel Open World Cup FMJD 2019

Post by A.Presman » Sat Jun 29, 2019 22:05

Ik denk dat die zijn wel in US dollars.
In shekels is het onrealistisch weinig. Zal het even navragen.

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Re: Israel Open World Cup FMJD 2019

Post by arjan vd berg » Mon Jul 08, 2019 16:06

Dat zijn dollars Eric, maar daarvoor zit je wel in een mooi hotel aan zee. Er zijn vast wel goedkopere opties in de stad, maar je moet toch wel uitgaan van Nederlandse hotelprijzen. Veruit de goedkoopste optie is natuurlijk met een groepje via airbnb een appartement huren.

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